VR Stop-Motion update 4

The backgrounds are now fully painted by Callum and we have built a set which can hold up the backgrounds and gives us a perfect circle in the middle where we can film.

We have also now filmed the first half of the first scene, the Stone Age. In the clip, the caveman leaves his cave walks around. then he sees a tent and walks over and then goes inside. This video very quickly demonstrates the development of early human shelters.

Topic for 2000 word essay

I will be writing about E-ink and how it has only had a few uses in today’s technology. For example, the first Amazon Kindles used E-ink but have now moved on to the same LED screens all other tablets use. As well as E-ink I will also look at other technologies which could have had potential but were overshadowed or replaced by something completely different.

This is just a basis for now but as I plan more of the essay and begin to write, it may change slightly in some areas.

VR Stop-Motion update 3

Today we finally managed to get our first VR stop-motion test to work in the actual headset! It’s only a few seconds long but the one building that is there gets built stays there for a short while then deconstructs slightly quicker.

Using the method of filming ourselves dismantling the buildings we used just one building which had been made quickly just for the test. The original photos we took were way too big so we had to reduce the file size in Photoshop, and used actions to get all of the photos done quickly. Then we put them all into Premiere Pro. I reversed the footage and slowed it down because it was way too fast (when we do the full one I think I will slow it down even more than I did today) then used images of the building fully built to keep it still for a short while. then to deconstruct it I just used the original photos which we took and left its already quick speed.

The result worked and we now have a 4 second long 360 video you can look at in the VR headset.