Animated Alphabets, part 2

Our lesson on the 9th October was more of a workshop to develop our ideas and work on what we would be doing. I made some more detailed sketches of the shape I would be using and how removing certain matches would work.

Here are the designs I did.

Over the past few days, I have been thinking to add another 4 matchsticks so that some of the letters don’t look so similar. In this design on the left, the letters, ‘D’ and ‘O’ look identical and ‘V’ just looks odd.

On the left is the new design of the shape, with this, I can have more angles to show the letter with. This week I plan to film a few letters, even if it’s just with my phone, to see how it looks.

I have also been thinking about when I will be putting the letters together to show the phrase, “Program, or be programmed”, and I had the idea that whichever music I choose it will have some kind of beat to it and the letter will appear as at random to form the sentence.



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