Mike Brondbjerg Guest Lecture + Workshop

20th October

Today we had a guest lecturer in, Mike Brondbjerg, who also held a workshop for our course. here is his bio from the most recent Reason To converence.  Whose 2017 intro was created by him and his team.

“Mike Brondbjerg is a partner at Kultur Design, a creative studio specialising in information and generative design, data visualisation, data art.

Kultur Design produce work for print, motion, installation and the web, for a range of agencies and clients like Kano Computers, Heineken, Reasons To, Abbott Laboratories, King’s College London, 51 Degrees, The Away Foundation, Volanti Imaging, Digital Arti & BGRS.

Their work ranges from analytical information design & data visualisations through to data illustration and generative design.”

he went through many of the different pieces of work he and Kultur have done. Much of which was related to data visualisation, so it relates very well to another one of my projects.

The workshop he held was very interesting. We used Processing to recreate a section of his work. I actually learnt quite a lot about Processing as we hadn’t had much exposure to it as of yet.

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