VR Stop-Motion update 5

The whole film is now finished. In total it is 3 minutes long and has 4 scenes. The original plan was to have 5 scenes but due to te approach of the deadline we reduced it to just 3 stop-motion scenes and the final scene, the modern age, is a sort 360 clip of Lincoln high street. The main reason we changed it to this was time, but I actually think that it fits the whole purpose of the project much better as it shows what shelters have progressed too.

The exhibition starts on the 4th April and is on for around a week.

VR Stop-Motion update 4

The backgrounds are now fully painted by Callum and we have built a set which can hold up the backgrounds and gives us a perfect circle in the middle where we can film.

We have also now filmed the first half of the first scene, the Stone Age. In the clip, the caveman leaves his cave walks around. then he sees a tent and walks over and then goes inside. This video very quickly demonstrates the development of early human shelters.

VR Stop-Motion update 3

Today we finally managed to get our first VR stop-motion test to work in the actual headset! It’s only a few seconds long but the one building that is there gets built stays there for a short while then deconstructs slightly quicker.

Using the method of filming ourselves dismantling the buildings we used just one building which had been made quickly just for the test. The original photos we took were way too big so we had to reduce the file size in Photoshop, and used actions to get all of the photos done quickly. Then we put them all into Premiere Pro. I reversed the footage and slowed it down because it was way too fast (when we do the full one I think I will slow it down even more than I did today) then used images of the building fully built to keep it still for a short while. then to deconstruct it I just used the original photos which we took and left its already quick speed.

The result worked and we now have a 4 second long 360 video you can look at in the VR headset.

VR Stop-Motion update 2

Since our first idea, with the 2 separate animations, we have moved on to just staying with one larger animation which we will both do. The animation will be about building and cities changing over time so throughout the animation you will see the early building up to the modern age.

We have decided to go for 5 different ‘ages’ each is fairly different from the other so it should be easy to tell which is which. The ages are:

  1. Stone age
  2. Roman
  3. Medieval
  4. Industrial
  5. Modern

At the moment each age will be 30 seconds long so the full thing will be 2 minutes 30 seconds. we have talked about shortening it even more and we made do so before we start filming to save time.

The building will be made out plasticine and the way they will be built and film is just us making them and then taking the frames when we move away so they look as if they are building themselves.

VR Stop-Motion update 1

We have decided to do 2 animations, one on each side of the 360 camera, Callum will be doing an animation which is more of a sadder theme while I will be doing an opposite one which will be a little more happier. So far I have not decided what I am going to do but over this Christmas holidays I will be trying out making stop-motion animations with plasticine, hoping somethings comes up…

Between each of the animations, we might have little things going on to keep it interesting and make sure the user definitely feels like there are things going on all around them.

Audio Visual Assignment (VR Stop-Motion)

We have been assigned a project, by our Audio Visual Lecturers, where we are given an extreme amount of freedom. We can work alone or in a group, using only video, only sound or both together.

After spending a few lessons experimenting with different technologies like the VR (Virtual Reality) and sound recording devices. As well as different techniques such as, stop motion, taking photos and videos through distorted glass etc.

Both me and Callum took a liking to the VR headset and the stop-motion animation and have decided to work together to make a 360 stop-motion animation, where the user can put on the headset and then look around and see a few different animations going on, all at the same time.