Next Digital Practice Assignment – JS Video

On Friday we were given our next assignment in Digital Practice called, JavaScript Video.

Our task is to “Develop an interactive dialogue within a GUI (Graphic User Interface) utilising video content. Use film, animation, green screen effects, after effects and js/jquery.”

So far I only have a small idea which is to take several pictures of my hand palm down and then when the user pressed different buttons then different fingers move. This could be used as a way to navigate the website by placing buttons under each finger.

The game Surgeon Simulator uses a pretty similar idea and to control each finger the user presses buttons underneath their own.

Image result for surgeon simulator controls

Website Progress before Christmas break

Just before Christmas we had a deadline for the website, which we had to bring in all the designs and code we’d written in and present them to our lecture and seminar in a short presentation. After this, we were given feedback, and can then go on to edit our designs or expand upon our code over the holidays.

Some Websites that have what I’m looking for


This one has a series of square tiles all the way done it’s page which act as buttons. This is a useful style because whether on mobile, tablet or computer you will be able to keep a very consistent design.

2016-10-24-1This is actually the website of an interactive designer. It has an interesting interaction feature which I have not come across before where the text ‘bonjour’ will slowly move across the screen on a constant loop changing colours from purple to pink. The user can then grab the text with their mouse and move it in whatever direction they like and also throw it so it moves by its self for a few seconds again. Unfortunately, it seems after the user takes hold of it the animation loop ends and won’t move again.

Band or Brand?

For my first project in Digital Practice is to create a website for any Band or Brand I would like. So far I haven’t decided what to do. But out of the two, I’ll most likely go with a band because I would like to create something colourful and fun for this website. I’m thinking some kind of DJ or someone who does electronic music seen as that will be the most fitting.