Adrian Shaughnessy Guest Lecturer

Today Adrian Shaughnessy gave a lecture about some of his own experiences as a graphic designer as well as his experiences with opening a publishing company and how modern changes have affected the designers of today.

He said there have been three big, major changes to the industry which have completely changed a designers purpose. The first was the Apple Macintosh, because this now allowed anyone to use any typeface they wanted and make their own prints. The second was the internet because before it, the designer would just have to make different designs depending on what size the print was going to be. But with the internet, people all of the world were using different sized screens, with different resolutions and browser settings. This meant that the designer had to design for all of them with one design. The third was the automatisation of design, meaning the many services which can design basic webpages and other things for you. Ones which would have usually been done by a graphic designer.