Pinewood Racing

The second day of the Tech Week was about making wooden cars and racing them down a track to see who could make the fastest one. Again, like the other day we were in groups, but this time we each made our own car and raced them.

Below is the what my car started off as after i had cut the block of wood down and then finally what it ended up as.










Then the group photo of our cars. We went with a purple colour theme and our team name was linked to it…


Just like my first post there are videos but I can’t seem to ba able to upload them at the moment.

Designing a talking Postbox in our Tech Week

On the first day of our Tech Week we were assigned the task of promoting a random company using a random technology. We got into groups of no more than 6 and begun the assignment by picking a piece of paper out if two bags one was a bundle of companies and the other was a mix of technologies.

My team got Royal Mail and Bare Conductive.

20161107_113528   20161107_113535

Bare Conductive (the image above on the left) is a piece of hardware which allows you to activate 12 different sound files, which can be switched out and changed for your own personal sounds.


Our brain-storm on ideas to promote the Royal Mail.

In the end, we decided on a postbox that would tell you when your parcel will reach its destination.




This the design. Originally, the idea was to have just 2 buttons instead of 14, one saying 1st class and the other saying 2nd class. Then the user would just push which stamp they had and the Bare Conductive would calculate the day they pressed and when each type of parcel would be delivered.

Unfortunately, we over-estimated what the Bare Conductive could actually do. So we had to adapt the design and change it so that each button would connect directly to one of the connectors on the Bare Conductive board.


Here are each of the buttons connected to each of the sound connectors with crocodile clips. Then we recorded each of the days of the week so that when the Monday 1st class button was pressed it would say, “Your parcel will be delivered on Tuesday” then when you press the 2nd class Monday button it would say, “Your parcel will be delivered on Wednesday.” So basically, 1st class is always next day delivery and 2nd class is always 2 days later. Doing it this way, even if it isn’t exactly accurate, made signing up the audio files to the buttons a much easier process.


Here is the plan for signing the different sound files to each button. Whenever anyone pressed either Saturday or Sunday they would both play the same sound files seen as there is no post on Sundays. This also fitted in perfectly seen as the there were only 12 sound file options and we had 14 buttons overall.



20161107_164255Finally, we completed the prototype and it seemed to work fairly well.We plugged the speaker into it so that it could be heard very loudly when a user pressed the button.


I do have a video of it working but I can’t seem to upload it to this post. Either way in the video you can barely here the postbox talking because of all the background noise.