Typography Booklet

After finishing the 40 page typography assignment we reprinted them to fit two per A4 sheet. Then made a small booklet out of them to present them.

The Hidden Alphabet 2.0

Personally, I thought my last alphabet was alright but after showing it to several people, every single one of them had no idea what it was about. Looking back at it, I do agree that I did try to hide the letters a little too much.

So after the criticism, I went back and made another one that was a bit more obvious. Here it is below.


The Hidden Alphabet Assginment


Here is an alphabet I made after been set the assignment on hidden alphabets. The assignment is about having letters hidden inside other letters either using negative space or any other method. In my alphabet, I reversed the hidden alphabet so that ‘Z’ is hidden in ‘A’ and ‘Y’ is hidden in ‘B’.